Oct 212008

We recently played the round robin portion of the Wiitastic Cup of Hockey. This is a hockey tournament played using NHL 2K9 for the Wii.

It was a fun afternoon for all. There were some fantastic performances by some players through out the tournament. Stefan racked up the most goals, while I gave up the fewest. However, the best performance by far was by Miikka “Jesus” Kiprusoff. Jon had a gem in goal, stopping awesome shot after shot. However, he could not carry the team alone, and the Flames were sunk by their lack of scoring.

There were some inconsistencies regarding the rules for some of the games, but fortunately that didn’t generate any problems. Here are the results following the round robin:

Player Wins Losses Goals For Goals Against
Thomas (Pens) 3 0 10 6
Robert (Sens) 2 1 10 7
Stefan (Habs) 1 2 11 15
Jon (Flames) 0 3 4 7

The playoffs will be played using a Page Playoff system. Here is the layout:

Wiitastic Hockey Page Playoff

  2 Responses to “Wiitastic Cup (Round Robin)”

  1. What can I say? I had the best goalie and defense in the whole tournament. Unfortunately, Mike Keenan is my coach, and unless you can score alone… read: Iginla… then there was no way i could actually score a goal.

    Mike Keenan hockey is the best. Yes. The best.

    Jesus Christ… have you heard? The word? The Bird is the Word…

  2. Of course everyone knows that the bird is the word! Also, the `let Stefan’s goaltender be on easy and everyone else get to play on normal` had something to do with my high goal’s against.

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