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Please see my new post on this topic. Available at: http://www.cornempire.net/2009/07/07/d2l-bulk-deactivation-part-2/


One of the often requested features is to be able to bulk deactivate courses in D2L after they have completed. You can currently deactivate courses, but this is a one at a time effort. This has become more important as version 8.3 of D2L brought along a new My Courses widget, which allows users to see updates from each of their courses. Unfortunately, when course access ends, they can still see the updates. This has caused confusion for many users.

Another reason to deactivate courses is minimize the amount of clutter in the view of users. If course access has ended, and they cannot access the course, there is no need for the course to remain active (this could vary depending on how your roles are configured). A way around this is to script the bulk deactivation of courses. Through the use of some Javascript coding, we can instruct the web browser to visit each course, and deactivate it for us.


Take a look here for this script in action.

If you think that this might be useful for your organization, you can download the html file which includes the javascript.

For D2L Version 8.3
For D2L Version 8.4 (Thanks Dennis!)

Instructions on Use

  • You will need to edit the file and modify line 5. This contains the URL to your learning environment, and the URL to your Course Offering Information screen.
  • This file will need to be placed in one of your courses in your learning environment in the Manage Files area.
  • You need to open the file from your Manage Files section and provide the script with the OU numbers of the courses you need to deactivate. (Take a read below to see how we get the ou numbers)
  • Once the OU numbers are loaded, you can click the Start Processing button and your web browser should go to all the courses and deactivate them.


  • You are required to have administrative access to any courses you need to deactivate (I haven’t been able to figure out why this is, but a javascript error is thrown if you do not have admin access)
  • This has been tested in Firefox 3 on Windows XP and Ubuntu 9.04 as well as a Chrome Development Beta for Linux but may not work in other web browsers (especially IE).
  • This has been tested on D2L Version 8.3 MR01. I’d suspect it would work on any version of 8.3 but not sure about 8.4 yet, or any earlier versions.
  • I’m not responsible if this code melts your CPU. or causes any other horrible damage to your D2L installation (although it shouldn’t….it’s only about 35 lines of Javascript. :p)

Getting a List Of Courses

The tricky part in all of this is actually getting the OU numbers for each of the courses you need to deactivate. For those who don’t know, the OU number is the org unit number, and is an internal identifier for D2L. You will notice the ou number in the URL of courses as ou=#####.

We run a report using the reporting tool that gives us the ou numbers (in one, non-ideal form. Hopefully D2L web services will eliminate the need for this).

In the Reporting tool, create a report using the Org Units dataset. With in the report, include the column for the course Path. This path contains the OU number for the course. Under the filter tab, add a few filters that will narrow down your search to the information you require. Our organization adds a semester code to all of our courses, so all courses that end in 200802 are courses that ran in the last semester. We can query these courses, and get a list of the ou numbers through the course offering paths. See below for some images of our report in action.





Then you have to do some work in manipulating the report to filter out the OU numbers. I select the whole column using firefox, and dump it into OpenOffice. Customize the import to break the lines on all of the dividing characters, and then I have a column of ou numbers. Then take that, and add in commas after all of the entries using a find and replace. You will need a text editor that can find and replace on characters you cannot see. Replace the new lines with commas.

Hopefully you can find a better way to get your list of OU numbers ;). If you have a good way, leave a comment and let me know.

  3 Responses to “Desire2Learn Bulk Course Deactivation”

  1. Very nice,
    I was able to modify for 8.4. The link changes to /d2l/lp/manageCourses/Course_offering_info_viewedit.d2l?ou=’; and the Checkbox id is “z_t” the save button Id is “z_d”.
    Are you coming the D2L conference in Minnesota this July?


  2. Hello Dennis,
    Thanks for the feedback. I’ve made the changes and uploaded an 8.4 version of the html file in the post above.

    I will be attending Fusion 2009. No presentation this year though, so it will be a little less stress. I believe Pam Phillips is presenting our ePortfolio implementation (on behalf of Gerona McGrath). I guess I’ll see you at Fusion. 🙂


  3. I’ve noticed some oddities regarding the Course Information page that can throw off the IDs of the checkbox and the save button. I’m going to try and detect it in a better way, but in the mean time if you try and use the script and it doesn’t work, examine lines 16 and 18 and see if the element IDs match the IDs on your pages and update as necessary.

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