May 192010

Art…with ASCII you say. Well yes I do. Anyone from back in the day will appreciate ASCII art. Better yet is the ability to create ASCII art and diagrams easily. Enter the players:

asciio is a tool that allows you to easily make ASCII diagrams.

ditaa is a tool that converts ASCII art diagrams into rendered images suitable for webpages or publications.

These tools allow you to make nice rendered images and ASCII diagrams. As some have put it, ASCII Visio.

I’ve created a tutorial an how to modify asciio to better create ditaa diagrams. You can view this tutorial here: Soon, many of these changes will be integrated with the package available with Debian Sid (and by extension, any Debian based Linux distribution).

The ideas for the modifications came from here: and those ideas lead to the more expansive tutorial linked above. Thanks to David Paleino at Debian who has packaged Ditaa and asciio and may integrate some of these changes into the packages in the future.

If you use, or have interest in ASCII diagrams, leave a comment below.

  2 Responses to “Art, with ASCII, Asciio and ditaa”

  1. I liked the tutorial very much. And although using Asciio as a front end for ditaa is a good idea and works (maybe I made Asciio flexible enough after all), I believe that it would have been better to make ditaa a renderer for Asciio. That would have involved more programing but I would have done it for you had you asked.

    Contact me and we’ll make Asciio, ditaa aware out of the box. There’s also a newer version of Asciio coming you may want to beta test it.

    In any case, I’d like to make the tutorial part of the Asciio distribution.

    Cheers, Nadim.

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    Something::else /
    / '--Base::Class::Derived::Deeper
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    ' '---The::Latest::Greatest
    With::Some::Fantasy' | '--------I::Am::Running::Out::Of::Ideas
    More::Stuff' ' '------Last::One
    More::Stuff' '

  2. This blog should be made ascii aware 😉

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