Jun 292010


At long last, The Director! is complete. This is the URL redirection php/apache script that I mentioned early last month. Had a few minor things to fix up, which I finally did last night, and now it is available to all.

It is a very rough looking piece of software, true to my views that admins shouldn’t care what the software looks like, provided it works correctly, and it looks pretty to the public. Since I suck at UI, AND The Director! has no public face, this is the perfect project for me!

So what does The Director! do?

The Director! is a URL shortening/redirection service similar to tinyurl and others that allow you to point one web address to another (presumably a short one to a longer one). Currently it does some simple stat tracking (if you want) on the URLs, and allows you to manage your redirects. More information and a download can be found here: http://www.cornempire.net/go/director (this shows The Director! in action as I have it installed on my site now).

Requirements and Cost

The Director! is a free download, available under an undetermined licence at this time. You are free to use it, just don’t take the code and sell it. If you make any modifications, feel free to share them back to us (submit an issue to the bug tracker and attach your code). We provide no support or guarantees/warranty for the code, if you choose to use it, you are on your own. Later, I’ll enumerate that into some sort of formal licence.

In order to make use of The Director! you will need:

  • A webserver
  • PHP running on the webserver
  • A domain name of some sort
  • A rewrite module for fancy redirects (instructions provided for apache and mod_rewrite)

You will need access to edit your webserver config, or .htaccess file if you are on shared hosting.

If you run into any issues, make a note below and I’ll do my best to help. But again, no formal guarantees or warranty come with the application.


Certainly nothing to be proud of…but here are some screenshots of The Director! in all of it’s ugly orange glory:


Other then me, many thanks to Pat for his help in writing The Director!. As well as credit to Mark James for the Silk Icons which I don’t think I’ve actually put to use yet, but when I redesign the GUI, I will.

Jun 282010

This past weekend, me and a few friends played in the National CBC Play On street hockey tournament. It is a 3-on-3 tournament with a goalie. We played in the Adult Beginner division, and we had a pretty good go of it. Ended up finishing in second place, losing the championship game after a tough string of games to get that far.

I played defence most of the time as did Stefan, while Pat and Matt played forward and Chris played goal.

In the round robin we finished in 3rd place, tops of the teams who suffered a defeat:
Game 1: Hawk’s Heroes vs Doom’s Crew: 2 – 1 win. (8 AM)
Game 2: Hawk’s Heroes vs Johnsons: 8 – 5 loss. (Noon)
Game 3: Hawk’s Heroes vs GFW Shockers: 14 – 6 win. (6:40 PM)

In game 3, we only had 3 players, so we had no substitution. Stefan played goal in Chris’ absence. We played an exhausted Shockers team and ended up doing quite well (I even scored 2 goals).

Sunday was a different story. Starting at around 11 (they were late starting the game..as usual), we had a rematch with sixth seeded Doom’s Crew. Another hard fought 2-1 victory.

This win saw us playing at 12:40 against the undefeated Dark Park Destroyers. This was our hardest game yet. The game was tied at ones after the first half. The second half of the game, we could hardly get the ball out of our end. We had no solid chances to score, and defencively we were scrambling to stay alive. Late in the second half, Matt took a nasty fall on his chest as he went hard to the net and got tangled up with the goalie. Chris played awesome in goal, and managed to get us to a shootout. Pat, Stefan and Matt were our three shooters, and Matt managed to score on our final shot, and Chris shut the door to preserve the win. So we punched our ticket to the championship game at 2:40.

By this time we were all starting to get pretty beat up, and very exhausted. We were facing the number one seeded team who had only played one other game that day. This game started on time, and we managed to make it out of the first half with a 2 – 1 lead, but that is when the wheels fell off. It started to rain, and the street got very slippery, especially where the buses stop, as that pavement was full of oil. Our earlier games caught up with us, and we didn’t have much run left in us. They racked up a few quick goals with some great passing and ended up 6 – 2. We got one back, at 6 – 3, but they finished off 7 – 3.

So we ended up in second place. It was a great weekend, and we did better then we all thought we would, especially since most of us only play once a month or so. Hopefully we will be able to play again next year, and win it all. Attached is the playoff bracket.

Did you play in one of these events across the country? If so, leave a post below.