Jul 312010

I’ve ported my popular (that means more than one person is using it. ;)) hacks from version 2.1 of Hesk to the new 2.2. You can read the whole tutorial on my wiki: http://wiki.cornempire.net/hesk/hesk22/

For those upgrading, you will need to reapply the hack to the new files. The differences were pretty minor between 2.1 and 2.2. I’ll outline the differences here:

  • The line numbers are different for the files
  • The function print_add_ticket_start that you need to add needs a few additional lines to bring in the global stylesheets. This was not required in 2.1
  • I also made a small tweak to this function so that there is no category selected by default, allowing you to select the default category via the dropdown box. Previously, this would have been unselectable.

I’m working on a screencast of applying this hack for those who are more visual learners. So stay tuned for that.

To take a look back at my previous post, and learn more about Hesk, click here.

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  2. Thank you for this hack! Sofar i really like it. My one problem is that I have several fields marked as required but only for my category 1. When submitting a form for category 2, which doesn’t show the required fields for category 1, it gives the “Required information missing” error. Is there a way to make a required field apply to only one form or does checking required mean you have to use that field in all forms?


  3. Thanks for the comment Alicia.

    I didn’t modify the behaviour as it related to the required fields so, as you suggested, Hesk would expect a required field to be visible and required for all categories.

    Without going back and looking at the code, I would imagine that this behaviour would not be easy to change. The validation of the form probably happens in PHP by checking the database for the parameters for the field, and since we aren’t modifying the database, only changing the appearance for end users, it isn’t something that could be hacked in using the method I used. I would require more of a patch that would modify the database and how the application functions at its core.

    I am hoping that new versions of Hesk will include this functionality as from a programming perspective, it isn’t too hard to add and Hesk seems to be pretty well written and could be modified. I imagine the only reason it hasn’t been added yet is because it hasn’t been a priority of the developer.

  4. Hello I was wondering if you could create a hack to customize the ticket printout? We use hesk in our shop and we give a printout to all our customers. It has the ticket number on it, which is ok, but the rest of the report is pretty plain and some of the fields aren’t necessary. I’m sure there are other hesk users who would be interested in this hack.


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