Aug 072013

Yesterday I harvested my first crop of celery from the green house. I started three heads of celery indoors after reading a post here:

Started as described in the article, in bowls of water in March or April of this year. About a month or so after starting, I transplanted into flower pots. I kept it mostly indoors for the spring on my kitchen window where it could get the afternoon sun. In May, I started putting the pots outside to give the celery more sunlight, and to give it some colder temperatures so that it could handle being outside. I’d bring them in each day so that the cold wouldn’t kill them.

Late May, early June, after our last snowfall, I planted outdoors in the greenhouse. Transplanting was pretty easy. I was surprised by how many roots had sprouted and wrapped around the flower pot. Here are a few pictures of the greenhouse a week or so after the transplant.


I decided to pull up one of the heads because there were a lot of brown stalks. I thought it was drying out, but after I picked it, it was clear that bugs had eaten some of the stalks. Looked like earwigs and they would get inside and hollow out the stalk. After cleaning the head, there were fewer ruined stalks then I thought, which was good.

Below are some pictures of the harvest:



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