Dec 082013

I have updated my Hesk hack based on a request from a reader. You can view the new instructions or download the new files here:

For those unaware, my previous post on this matter was here:

2.5 introduced a lot of changes. One of the big ones that affected my hack was the ability to directly link to a category type. This is now built into the application, so I modified my hack to take advantage of this.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Jul 312010

I’ve ported my popular (that means more than one person is using it. ;)) hacks from version 2.1 of Hesk to the new 2.2. You can read the whole tutorial on my wiki:

For those upgrading, you will need to reapply the hack to the new files. The differences were pretty minor between 2.1 and 2.2. I’ll outline the differences here:

  • The line numbers are different for the files
  • The function print_add_ticket_start that you need to add needs a few additional lines to bring in the global stylesheets. This was not required in 2.1
  • I also made a small tweak to this function so that there is no category selected by default, allowing you to select the default category via the dropdown box. Previously, this would have been unselectable.

I’m working on a screencast of applying this hack for those who are more visual learners. So stay tuned for that.

To take a look back at my previous post, and learn more about Hesk, click here.

Dec 062009
Edit: I’ve made a new post regarding Hesk and these enhancements for the new version 2.2. You can read it here:

I came across the free, open source Hesk Helpdesk ( while I was looking for a light weight help system for a project that was starting up. The project has since been put on hold, but Hesk is still a great application for a helpdesk/knowledge base. Hesk is offered as a free downloadable PHP script, as well as a Hosted Version if you do not have a server. The hosted version will cost you $20 US a month. You can also by a license for the downloadable version for $39.95 US to remove the Hesk branding.

While this application is great…

  1. Allows unlimited staff
  2. Granular permissions to the system and help desk categories
  3. Excellent knowledge base built in
  4. Innovative system that doesn’t require user accounts for clients

It is lacking a few features. I plan to use this application to respond to clients from a number of different projects. As such, it would be nice if they didn’t see ALL of the problem types when submitting tickets. Because Hesk is open source, we can make a few tweaks to get directly to a specific problem type.

Hesk also allows custom fields for your tickets, but it shows all custom fields on all problem types. This can get confusing for users in a multi-project environment. I’m developing a little hack to get around this limitation.

I’ve outlined both of these changes required on my wiki, you can take a look here.